hill climb racing 2

HCR 2 gaming

This is probably the most addictive and enjoyable physics-based video game. It comprises of several fascinating features.

Guess what? Newton Bill has made a grand comeback. He is ready to fight against the whole world because he’s managed to travel to destinations that no other ride has ever been to.

You’ll pleasantly discover how captivating the game is when you encounter unique challenges in absolutely unique settings with a wide range of cars.

When you defeat your adversaries, you’ll be rewarded with huge bonuses, which will effectively encourage you to reach higher positions. Newton Bill successfully goes against laws of physics and doesn’t lie down to rest until all the enemies are completely defeated.

Apart from racing, Bill also finds time to surmount hills.

Features of the game

The physics-based video game boasts of the following exceptional features:

1. A wide range of vehicles that have unique tuning options.

2. Specially designed to look great on both high-resolution and low-resolution devices.

3. Tunable parts such as engine, Four-wheel-drive, suspension as well as tires.

4. Graphics have been significantly enhanced.

5. Physics has been smoothly simulated.

6. Wide range of environments.

The video game is absolutely free to play. However, optional in-application purchases or free hcr 2 hack is also available.

It was officially released on Google Play Store on 28th November 2016. Similarly, the iOS version was launched at about the same time.

This is an exceptional sequel because it carries over the original game’s acrobatic driving challenge. Additionally, there’s great improvement on nearly every aspect. There are tighter controls and more details in the graphics. The new customizations as well as multi-player modes enhance the game from an infrequent diversion to a cycle that is not only progress focused, but also reward laden and hard to nail down.

The game play hasn’t really changed. Typically, a player is required to take control of a vehicle as it travels along a road full of hills and bumps. The gas and brake pedals are the only inputs that are available to you. You must make good use of these pedals to climb up giant inclines, go down steep hills and also maneuver through several other obstacles such as logs and rocky crevices.

Since your vehicle is lightweight and not subject to the force of gravity, you are at liberty to pop wheelies, flip over and even fly in the air. If you perform any of these tricks, you’ll be instantly rewarded with bonuses. However, your run will be no more if or when your head accidentally touches the ground.

Even though the controls are limited, the level of skills and number of strategies needed to make quick progress are many. The wide range of skills and strategies can enable you climb hills. Additionally, they can prevent toppling over.

More often than not, you’ll be compelled to change your trajectory in the middle of flights. For instance, when you’re crossing a wobbly bridge, you’ll be forced to strike a balance between the brake and gas pedals to effectively avoid somersaulting.

If you play Hill Climb-Racing 2, you’ll discover significant improvement in the handling. Even though the cars are barely grounded and bouncy, they are more conquerable and also consistent.

The addition of reward chests and décor are other significant changes made in the sequel. You can make Newton Bill wear different hats, heads, shirts or trousers. You’re also at liberty to change the wheels and color of vehicles. These aesthetic changes are very important since most players spend lots of time looking at the vehicle as well as character.

The race model is the ultimate feature that makes Hill Climb-Racing 2 substantially better than its predecessor. The game has an Adventure Mode that gives you the liberty of driving endlessly until the fuel runs out or you get involved in a car crash. It has a new Cups Mode that encourages you to compete against other players in finite races. Since ghosts of other people exist, it’s not mandatory for you to wait until the lobby completely fills up.

If you win cups and move up the ranks, you’ll successfully gain access to new environments as well as new vehicles to tackle and purchase respectively.

In the original game, you could only unlock a few cars. The customizations and environments were also few. However, in Hill Climb-Racing 2, there are numerous customizations and environments that can be unlocked and/or explored.

In the previous game, a player could derive great pleasure from bouncing over hills, crashing into huge logs, overtaking other racers and also testing how much the car could endure. Hill Climb-Racing 2 gives you these and much more. You can dress up Bill Newton, unlock new environments and ranks or make use of the wide range of vehicles that have unique tuning options. The new game is simply fascinating.