About Us

Welcome to Fern Hollow. Here is a bit of our story.

Fern Hollow’s owners were born and raised in Sequim. Bill and Patti Kimler, have a history in Sequim and especially on Taylor Cut Off Road, which is nestled near the Dungeness River at the foothills of the stunning Olympic Mountains. Patti’s grandmother, Elsie, was a child of Sarah and Amos Cameron, pioneers of the Olympic Peninsula. Patti spent many hours on Elsie’s 25 acre ranch on Taylor Cut Off Rd in the 1960’s and 70’s. In 1986 Bill and Patti bought the property next door to what is now Fern Hollow. They lived there for 12 years, raising two daughters in the rural Sequim area. This is where they met and came to love Fern Hollow’s prior owners, Ruth and Jack Fechter. Ruth and Jack had come, upon retirement, to this sunny Sequim location where they made their home for the next 27 years. In 2006, the Fechter’s knew the time had come to relocate closer to family in Montana, so they reluctantly put their beloved farmhouse and acreage on the market. The economy unfortunately was on a downward turn. Real estate was not selling and the Fechter’s were looking at the overwhelming demands of a crumbling barn and 1943 farmhouse, which was heated primarily by several wood stoves, including a wood cook stove they still used in the kitchen. With winter fast approaching, the Kimler’s decided to step in and relieve their dear friends of what was proving to be a long futile effort to sell the property. Bill and Patti used their accumulated savings to purchase the property in October of 2007.

Fern Hollow, as a venue location, was not a decided business venture. The idea came quite by accident when Bill decided to restore the crumbling pole barn. The barn, surrounded by native maples and bordered by a quaint creek, seemed too charming to sit empty. One day, while admiring the progress on the barn, an idea came to utilize the spot as a gathering site, where joyous occasions could be celebrated by friends and families, sheltered from the sometimes unpredictable Pacific Northwest weather. Thus the idea for Fern Hollow was born.

It has been a 3 ½ year process. While Bill completed the restoration of the barn, Patti consulted with landscape designer and architect, Francis Spillane, to come up with both a concept for the grounds and plans for the renovation of the house. The landscape vision was eventually realized. The on site participation of Brett Schafe was instrumental in the completion of everything from peeling of logs for barn repairs, to application of masonry on 73 river rock columns. Brett, along with other contractors, participated in all phases of the house remodel, including the framing, cabinet installation, tile, and trim work. What you will find here is a culmination of vision and hard work with the intention to create a beautiful, serene, natural tribute honoring some of Bill and Patti’s fondest memories. It was also their intention to permanently retain the essence of the premise’s unaffected beauty as a tribute to the dearly loved neighbors who peacefully tended and cared for this property for 27 years.

Bill and Patti wanted to create an environment reminiscent of the past, somewhere you could celebrate with the nostalgia of a simpler time, in awe of the beauty nature provides and with the expansiveness necessary to enfold your love ones away from the noise and bustle of modern life.

We hope you will enjoy your visit here. Please take the time to stroll around the property. We have a covey of quail living in the large Red Twig on the north property line. There is at least one pair of Red-headed Woodpeckers that frequent the Weeping Birch at the pond and it is not unusual to see a Great Blue Heron or Bald Eagle pass by on their way to or from the Dungeness River. We think you will find feng shui here…a captivating spot to get together with friends and loved ones…a natural setting to enjoy while celebrating each other…all in all, the perfect gathering spot.